Terms and Conditions

Purchasing reptiles


Snakes must be paid for in full prior to shipping or on collection. Payment can be by cash or direct bank transfer


As numbers may be limited on some species I will operate an order list without taking deposits. However, once eggs have been laid, a 25% deposit will be required to secure priority. Orders with deposits will be met first, deposits are refundable only if I cannot meet your order.

Collection / Delivery

Livestock can be delivered by me or courier at customer’s cost.


All snakes will be healthy, feeding and correctly sexed. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your snakes, you must contact me within 24 hours of taking delivery and I will either replace them, or refund your money if stock is unavailable. Otherwise, I will assume that you are happy with your snakes and therefore I have no further responsibility for them.

Reptile Transfers

In advance of payment I will happily inform the Department of Parks and Wildlife of the forthcoming transaction as per licence conditions. Once payment is received I will ensure that quarterly returns are submitted with your details and in accordance with the herpetofauna dealer licence conditions.

It is a requirement of the herpetofauna licence holder’s conditions and is incumbent upon the keepers’ (seller and buyer) to submit their completed returns at the annual renewal date of their licence. Whether buyer or seller, you must record the details of the dealer. This paperwork should be completed immediately upon transferring the animal. It is not unheard of to receive snap inspections by DPAW and they check this paperwork closely. Please note that any previously undertaken transfer where details are now required to be provided and were not originally recorded at the time of transfer, may be subject to additional charge.

Reptile Removal and Relocation

All reasonable attempts will be made to capture reptiles, however snakes particularly are great escape artists and where there is extensive harbourage they may find retreats which are unreasonable to access or to determine based upon location and potential costs and time to extract.

Standard fees quoted are based upon no more than 30 minutes on site with a 30 minute allowance for relocation to native bushland as per DPAW licence conditions. Extended searches and surveys are possible and will be quoted separately based upon an envisaged timeframe.

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