Woma Pythons 2024



We currently have 3 lines of Woma Python available.

>Tanami locality pairing – Both parents are descendants of Perth Zoo stock Tanami line. Both parents have deep high red patterning on fluro yellow background with both also expressing a dorsal or spine line. The male has a particularly clean and narrow spin line which is reflected in several of the offspring.

>Red line – We have a deep red pair of Woma’s from unknown locality. They produce highly attractive offspring with light flanks, with some having a red dorsal coloration.

>Potential hypo male x light Pilbara female – In two of our lines (inc one not mentioned here), we have a possibly het for hypo melanistic coming from the sire. He is a very light coloured animal with no visible dark or black pigment. On the basis that this is a recessive gene it will take us a couple of years to prove out, however worst case they are polygenic for a nice light colour Woma Python

>Going forward we have our potential hypo project from 3 year ago where we hope to breed the siblings this coming season.

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